Bos Guyana Rum
Bos Guyana Rum

Bos Guyana Rum

CODE: 861792
Volume: 750ML

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Bos Guyana Rum is a high-quality rum with a unique flavor and aroma. The rum is distilled from sugar cane grown on Guyana's rich, fertile Guyana soil and aged for a minimum of two years in oak barrels. Its unique flavor is a result of careful selection of the finest ingredients, the use of traditional pot still distillation techniques, and the aging process. Bos Guyana Rum has a deep golden color and a mellow, smooth taste. It has a sweet, oaky aroma that carries notes of caramel, orange, and banana. The flavor of Bos Guyana Rum is complex and full-bodied with a hint of wood and a hint of spice. Bos Guyana Rum is an excellent sipping and mixing rum and is well-suited for all types of cocktails. It mixes well with tropical fruits and juices, as well as tonic water and ginger beer. For an even more complex drink, mix it with espresso or coffee for an Espresso Daiquiri or a Coffee Punch. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks as well. Bos Guyana Rum is one of the best rums available today and will bring a unique flavor and depth to your favorite drinks.

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