Bowmore 18 Yr Old
Bowmore 18 Yr Old

Bowmore 18 Yr Old

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Volume: 750ML

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BOWMORE 18 Yr Old is a well-aged, single malt Scotch whisky that has been distilled and aged at the Bowmore Distillery on the Island of Islay in Scotland. The whisky has a rich, dark amber and mahogany hue, and a complex, peaty yet sweet aroma. On the palate, Bowmore 18 year old offers a well-rounded flavor profile boasting strong notes of smoke, toffee, and dried fruits that give way to hints of spice, honey, citrus, and a touch of saltiness. A lengthy and almost creamy finish rounds out the experience, providing a smooth and memorable finish. For those who enjoy a good aged Scotch whisky, Bowmore 18 Yr Old is an excellent option that offers a unique balance of smoke and sweetness. The complexity of the whisky allows for it to be enjoyed straight or in cocktails, making it an easily versatile spirit.

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