Brava 15 Cans
Brava 15 Cans

Brava 15 Cans

CODE: 747872
Volume: 15*355mL

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Brava 15 Cans are a unique variety of canned drinks that are produced and distributed by Brava Beverages, a Malaysian-based beverage producer. This diverse range of beverages come in a variety of natural and fruity flavors. The company seeks to provide customers with healthful, convenient, delicious, and responsibly sourced beverages while helping to reduce the amount of waste associated with plastic and/or glass bottles. Brava 15 Cans are made with non-GMO ingredients and are sweetened with organic and natural sweeteners. The company is passionate about caring for the environment and have decided to use only 100% recyclable and reusable cans, ensuring that their products are not contributing to the plastic bottle waste. The cans are also lightweight and easily stackable, making it convenient to store them in your refrigerator. Brava 15 Cans come in five different flavors: Mango, Coconut, Fizzy Kiwi, Green Tea Passionfruit, and Red Fruit & Honeysuckle. The Mango flavor is a classic mango taste with a hint of sweetness, while the Coconut is a tropical favorite. The Fizzy Kiwi is a refreshing, tart blend, and the Green Tea Passionfruit is a zesty mix.

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