Brewsters 52nd Street Peach Ale 6 Can
Brewsters 52nd Street Peach Ale 6 Can

Brewsters 52nd Street Peach Ale 6 Can

CODE: 816253
Volume: 6*355ml

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Brewsters 52nd Street Peach Ale is a thirst-quenching beer perfect for a hot summer day. This light-bodied beer is brewed with 5 different malts and 2 hop varieties, and then infused with natural peach flavors to create a balanced flavor profile. The result is a distinctively aromatic beer, with notes of fruity peach and a subtle hint of caramel. The light golden-yellow ale has a moderate carbonation, and a fluffy white head. On the nose, the aroma is reminiscent of sweet peaches with a slight malt essence. The taste starts off with an kick of real peaches, followed by a creamy, almost custard-like flavor. In the finish, the sweet and tart notes meld into a light and refreshing experience. Brewsters 52nd Street Peach Ale is the perfect beer for lovers of citrusy ales and fruity summer beers. It’s light-bodied and sessionable, making it easy to enjoy over one session or many. Enjoy this peach flavoured beer on its own, with a salad, or paired with seafood or poultry dishes.

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