Brights 74 Tawny
Brights 74 Tawny

Brights 74 Tawny

CODE: 4382
Volume: 750ML

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The BRIGHTS 74 TAWNY wine is a full-bodied Portuguese red that showcases a unique blend of Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouchet and Tinta Cao grapes. This unique blend is excellently reflected in its complexity. Offering rich aromas of ripe fruits, dried flowers, and spices, it is filled with a velvety sweetness that complements the distinguished flavors of ripe black cherry and black pepper. Its structure is firm and lush, providing a lengthy finish of blackberry and oak. The BRIGHTS 74 TAWNY pairs effortlessly with dishes like grilled lamb, beef, or pork, but its versatility allows it to be shared with many meals. Its complexity adds an elegance to lighter dishes like salads or fish, elegantly complimenting the brightness of the greens or seafood. Of course, an important detail to note is that while its sweetness speaks of oak, it is not especially tannic by any means and can therefore be enjoyed by those who do not typically enjoy strongly tannic wines. All in all, the BRIGHTS 74 TAWNY transports its drinkers to a world of complexity.

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