Brugal Anejo
Brugal Anejo

Brugal Anejo

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Volume: 750ML

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Brugal Anejo is a golden-hued rum that is full of flavor and history. It is made from premium molasses fermented with yeast specifically selected by Maestros Roneros, aged for a minimum of two years in white oak casks and enriched by a secret blend of spices and other flavorings. As a result of the aging process, it has a smooth, mellow flavor with a hint of sweetness and a bit of warmth from the oak, while still retaining some of the original flavors of raw rum. Brugal Anejo is an excellent choice for those who prefer an elegant, velvety finish over a sharp, fiery one. It is equally popular for sipping on the rocks as it is for cocktails, especially those that are sweet or fruity. It is also a favored rum for chefs and mixologists, because its flavor infuses well with fruits and spices. Some popular recipes include the classic Piña Colada, a Brugal & Coffee concoction, and a Brugal & Tonic with lime.

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