Budweiser 24 Cans
Budweiser 24 Cans

Budweiser 24 Cans

CODE: 35033
Volume: 24*355ml

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Budweiser 24 cans come in a convenient pack, making them the perfect choice for outdoor gatherings or parties. Packed with a smooth, refreshing taste, Budweiser is the perfect beverage to enjoy with friends and family. The 24 individual cans can easily be shared, so everyone can try a chilled Budweiser along with their favorite food. Budweiser has crafted a quality product that is recognized worldwide, and the same popular flavor can be found in each can of the 24 pack. Each can is created with a combination of high grade barley, hop extracts, and purified water, which results in a distinct flavor. You can trust in Budweiser to provide refreshment with each sip. Every can of Budweiser is produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, so you can enjoy knowing that your purchase is helping the planet. Up to 95% of the water used in the brewing process is recycled and reused in production. Budweiser also uses renewable energy sources to power their plants, reducing their carbon footprint.

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