Bumbu Original 375ml
Bumbu Original 375ml

Bumbu Original 375ml

CODE: 857990
Volume: 375ML

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Bumbu Original 375ml is a light rum from Barbados distilled with local ingredients and aged for two years in American oak barrels. The result is a spirit that has a compelling flavor profile with notes of vanilla, oak, and ripe fruits. The nose has a subtle hint of butterscotch, and the taste has a hint of spicy pepper and toffee. The finish is dry and smooth, with just a hint of sweet caramel and vanilla. Bumbu Original is a wonderful choice for cocktails and other mixed drinks. Its flavor and complexity make it an ideal complement for a wide range of flavors and textures. It is great in dark and traditional sipping rum drinks like Mojitos, Daiquiris, and piña coladas. It is also the perfect ingredient for tropical-style cocktails like Mai Tais and Painkillers. The intensity and complexity of Bumbu Original makes it a great choice for cooks and mixologists alike. If you're looking for a smooth sipping rum with unique and interesting flavor notes, then the Bumbu Original 375ml is the one for you. Its one-of-a-kind flavor profile and aged characteristics provide a complex and satisfying experience in every sip.

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