Bunbury Pineapple Wheat Ale
Bunbury Pineapple Wheat Ale

Bunbury Pineapple Wheat Ale

CODE: 836463
Volume: 4*473ML

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Bunbury Pineapple Wheat Ale is a unique and delicious craft beer from Australia’s Bunbury Brewing Company. It is a light, refreshing ale that is brewed using wheat malt, honey malt, and Australian Caverneer hops. The hops are blended with real pineapple juice to produce a crisp, fruity flavor with hints of pineapple. At 4.6% ABV, this is a light and easy-drinking ale that is perfect for summer refreshment. The light golden color and great pineapple aroma make this an inviting beer to enjoy. On the palate, the initial tartness of the pineapple is balanced with wheat malt sweetness, giving a balanced and crisp finish. Pineapple Wheat Ale is a great session ale for a hot day with friends, and makes a great compliment to all sorts of foods from pizza to fish and chips. Bunbury Brewing Company are known for their unique, small-batch styles and Pineapple Wheat Ale is no exception. It's a great choice for those looking to explore the craft beer world and find something unique and flavorful.

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