Butterfly Elderberry Vodka
Butterfly Elderberry Vodka

Butterfly Elderberry Vodka

CODE: 855641
Volume: 750ML

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Butterfly Elderberry Vodka is a unique vodka made from the infusion of butterfly pea flowers, elderberries and a wheat-based vodka. This flavor combination delivers an irresistible mixture of sweet and tart, creating a smooth sipping vodka. The vodka offers a beautiful, natural deep blue color, as well as a floral finish to the drink. The blue hue of the vodka pairs perfectly with fruit or added to tropical cocktails. Highly mixable, Butterfly Elderberry Vodka is excellent for creating your own unique libations. Its versatility makes it well suited for serving neat, on the rocks, or in martinis, cosmopolitans and mules. Butterfly Elderberry Vodka is something special for any bar.

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