Ca'momi Merlot Napa Valley
Ca'momi Merlot Napa Valley

Ca'momi Merlot Napa Valley

CODE: 768331
Volume: 750ML

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CA'MOMI Merlot Napa Valley is one of the most premium quality Merlot wines available in the world. This award-winning wine is sourced from carefully selected vineyards within Napa Valley, giving you an unparalleled depth of flavor and complexity. Centered around a beautiful juicy Merlot base, the CA'MOMI Merlot Napa Valley also features characters of ripe and dark fruit, rich, spicy notes and velvety tannins. The finish is long and lush, leaving a pleasant and complex aftertaste. CA'MOMI Merlot Napa Valley is ideal for drinking on its own or is the perfect companion to a variety of dishes. Rich red meats, pate, and cheeses are the perfect pairing for this luscious and full-bodied wine. Its subtle hints of pepper and spice make it a great addition to spicy dishes. CA'MOMI Merlot Napa Valley is a bottle of wine that can only be enjoyed in its fullest when shared between friends. Each sip is a reminder of the old world Italian style quality that CA'MOMI pursues. Enjoy it as-is or slightly chilled for an ultimate experience.

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