Cadenhead Classic Rum 50%
Cadenhead Classic Rum 50%

Cadenhead Classic Rum 50%

CODE: 723793
Volume: 750ML

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Cadenhead Classic Rum 50% is a premium, golden rum produced in Jamaica. This rum comes from the traditional molasses-based recipe. In the traditional Jamaican fashion, this rum is blended with a mix of six selected pot-still rums before finally being bottled and aged under the strict control of Cadenhead aging masters. This remarkably smooth and agreeable ‘spending’ rum is renowned for its outstanding taste and aroma. It has a desire aroma with notes of robust spices, subtle banana and sweet oaky molasses tones. The powerful and strong taste of this rum reflects a range of flavour notes of basil, nutmeg, charred oak and vanilla. The finish of this rum is a bit drier and lighter due to its high alcohol content, but its aftertaste is exceptionally enjoyable. Rum enthusiasts highly recommend this rum, as it can be enjoyed neat and is great in classic cocktails like daiquiris, mojitos and of course, the Cuba Libre. One thing that makes the Cadenhead Classic Rum 50% special is that it offers exceptional value for money. Given its higher alcohol content, you can get the same flavour and taste from your rum with fewer servings than normal.

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