Calazan Reserva 10 Year
Calazan Reserva 10 Year

Calazan Reserva 10 Year

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Volume: 750ML

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Calaçan Reserva 10 Year Old is a premium Portuguese rum from the Terras do Calaçan estate, nestled in between the villages of Lagos and Silves. This exquisite aged rum is produced following a process of traditional distillation, aging, and filtration. During the maturation process, the spirit is stored in French oak barrels. The rum is then char-filtered with natural active charcoal for a smooth finish. The resulting liquid has a light golden hue and a delicate yet complex aroma of nutmeg and caramel. The palate offers scents of smoke and spiced oak, balanced with sweet notes of vanilla. The finish is long-lasting and has a pleasant sweetness and a balance between wood and fruit. Calaçan Reserva 10 Year Old has earned recognition and accolades as one of the finest premium aged rums available. It is incredibly smooth and the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality.

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