Campari (campari Milano)
Campari (campari Milano)

Campari (campari Milano)

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Campari Milano is an Italian based, premium spirits brand, owned by the Campari Group and is one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world. Founded in 1860, Campari Milano is now present in over 190 countries around the globe, producing popular products such as Campari, Aperol and Campari Soda. Campari has a unique, bitter-sweet flavour, its signature red hue and its bright empowering values which are especially attractive to the youngest and most dynamic consumers. The brand is well known for its daring, passionate lifestyle and crusading, strong spirit. Campari Milano have dedicated product developments that are essential to the success of the brand, ranging from the launch of new Campari flavours, to crafting the perfect recipe for Campari drinks like the classic Negroni or the Spritz. To stay ahead of the curve, Campari Milano has embarked on a journey to become the ‘next generation spirits’, offering innovative creations and further expanding the range of products. At its core, Campari Milano is committed to providing highly-rated experiences in every bottle, enabling each customer to express their creativity and passion for life. Campari Milano’s slogan “

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