Canoubier Carribean Rum
Canoubier Carribean Rum

Canoubier Carribean Rum

CODE: 820902
Volume: 750ML

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Canoubier Caribbean Rum is a premium spirit made from 100% pure, organic Molasses. This smooth and mellow rum is distilled in small batches and aged in heavy charred American Oak Barrels to give it its unique flavor and aroma. The Canoubier Caribbean Rum is blended with natural flavors of Vanilla, Honey, and Caramelized Banana to give it a deliciously unique taste. This rum is perfect for sipping on its own or for mixing up your favorite cocktails. Whether you're looking to add some Caribbean flavor to your drinks or just want to experience something truly unique and delicious, Canoubier Caribbean Rum is sure to please.

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