Canyon Road Chardonnay
Canyon Road Chardonnay

Canyon Road Chardonnay

CODE: 779090
Volume: 750ML

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Canyon Road Chardonnay is a unique and balanced California-crafted white wine that can be enjoyed in both casual and formal settings. Its bright fruit aromas and flavors make for a well-balanced wine that is easy to drink and perfect for any occasion. This Chardonnay is a light-bodied, yet smooth and creamy white with notes of honeydew melon, nectarine, and vanilla. On the palate, it reveals flavors of tropical fruit and vanilla, with notes of oak and spices that linger on the finish. Canyon Road Chardonnay pairs excellently with seafood and poultry dishes, mild cheese dishes, and citrus-infused foods. Canyon Road Chardonnay is perfect for casual gatherings with friends, family, and even special occasions. Its smooth acidity and richness make for the ideal pairing with lighter dishes, while its freshness and length make it a great accompaniment to heavier flavors. Elevate your dinner party and delight your guests with a bottle of Canyon Road Chardonnay.

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