Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum
Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum

CODE: 736206
Volume: 750ML

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Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum is a high-proof rum that has a blend of spices, sugar, natural flavors, and Caribbean black strap molasses. A signature blend of Caribbean spices helps to create a smooth Caribbean flavor. It can be enjoyed straight or used to create fun mixed drinks. The aroma of Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum has a hint of cinnamon and other warm spices. On the palate, it has a smooth and slightly sweet flavor, with more warm spices, hint of vanilla and oak as the finish. This distilled spirit has an ABV of 50%, giving it a strong kick. Captain Morgan 100 Spiced rum is crafted with blending, aging, and filtering techniques to ensure a smooth, premium spirit. The rum is produced with the highest quality Caribbean molasses available, as this helps to create the signature flavor. This affordable rum can be served neat, on the rocks, but is most often used to create delicious mixed drinks. Some popular cocktails include Captain and Cola, a Captain and Ginger Ale, a Captain and Juice and Captain Morgans Dark and Stormy. Enjoy Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum to add a touch of sweetness and spices to your favorite cocktails.

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