Captain Morgan Dark Rum 1.75l
Captain Morgan Dark Rum 1.75l

Captain Morgan Dark Rum 1.75l

CODE: 824203
Volume: 1.75 L

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Captain Morgan Dark Rum is an iconic spiced rum produced by Diageo, a world-renowned spirits company. The unique blend of Caribbean rum, spices, and natural flavours provide a full-bodied and distinct finish. The result is a smooth, complex dark rum designed to enhance any cocktail. The sweet aroma of molasses and toffee, combined with hints of nutmeg and allspice, make Captain Morgan Dark Rum a favourite amongst rum connoisseurs. The rum is sourced from the best local distilleries, and is distilled and aged in select oak barrels the Caribbean. The result is an incomparable depth of flavour and richness. The 1.75L bottle is the perfect size for entertaining, or for those who simply want to stock up on this tasty spirit. The iconic label carries a vintage design that is evocative of a golden age of pirates, rum, and adventure. And thanks to its full-bodied taste and sweet aroma, Captain Morgan Dark Rum is the perfect addition to any bar or home bar. Whether you're looking to create an exciting new cocktail or just need a rum to sip on, Captain Morgan Dark Rum is your go-to.

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