Captain Morgan Gold
Captain Morgan Gold

Captain Morgan Gold

CODE: 4788
Volume: 750ML

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Captain Morgan Gold is a golden-colored, spiced rum originating from the Caribbean. It is made from a blend of Caribbean rums and natural spices and has a bold, smoky flavor with a hint of vanilla and hint of brown sugar. The rum is then blended with a smooth finish. It has an intense nose of spice, butterscotch, and oak notes. It is highly versatile and can be enjoyed as a shot, as a summer cocktail, or mixed with cola or juice. It is perfect for mixed drinks like a piña colada and can be used to make the classic tiki staple, a Mai Tai. When using Captain Morgan Gold for a Mai Tai, it should be used as the golden rum component along with aged rum, fresh lime juice, orange curacao, orgeat syrup, and a splash of simple syrup. The taste of Captain Morgan Gold can be described as sweet and spicy with a subtle smokiness. It has a dark flavor of honey, spices, and oaky rum.

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