Captain Morgan Private Stock
Captain Morgan Private Stock

Captain Morgan Private Stock

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Volume: 750ML

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Captain Morgan Private Stock is an elevated version of Captain Morgan's classic spiced rum. It is made with Caribbean blackstrap molasses, water, and spices including Jamaican nutmeg, cinnamon, and except vanilla, giving it unique flavor notes of caramel, oak, and vanilla. Captain Morgan Private Stock is 80 proof, making it the perfect spirit for sipping, mixing, and creating memorable spirit experiences. Private Stock is a deeper brown shade than its original Captain Morgan due to its longer ageing process, and it also has a more robust flavor. Its smooth and creamy texture opens up to reveal hints of warm vanilla and toasted coconut. It has a sweet finish that’s lingering on the palate. Recommended cocktails with Captain Morgan Private Stock are the Private Stock and Soda, Spiced Punch, Captain and Coke, and Traditional Daiquiri. Private Stock can also be used in cooking various dishes, from barbecue glazes to spiced rum-based desserts. Captain Morgan Private Stock is a premium spirit that makes any cocktail experience enjoyable. Whether it’s a classic drink like a daiquiri or something modern and innovative, Captain Morgan Private Stock is a versatile and delicious spiced rum.

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