Captain Morgan Sliced Apple
Captain Morgan Sliced Apple

Captain Morgan Sliced Apple

CODE: 835314
Volume: 750ML

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Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is an innovative addition to the classic Captain Morgan range of flavored rums. The combination of premium Caribbean rum and tart layers of green apples turns this spirit into a delicious and easy-to-drink mixer. Ideal for cocktails, punch bowls, or just to enjoy neat, Captain Morgan Sliced Apple offers a sweet and refreshing taste of summer year-round. Aromas of ripe juicy apples and sweet vanilla meet you when you first pour Captain Morgan Sliced Apple. On the palate, the tart flavors of apples and a hint of oak mingle together to form a sweet and sour combination. The rum’s smooth finish offers a soothing, warming sensation. When mixed with ingredients such as hot apple cider, ginger beer, or pineapple juice, the flavors of Captain Morgan Sliced Apple harmonize perfectly. Create classic cocktails like the fall favorite for autumn months, the Apple Daiquiri, or enjoy this spirit neat for an easy after-dinner treat. Whether used as a mixer or to add character to traditional island-style drinks, Captain Morgan Sliced Apple delivers a unique, modern flavor to all of your favorite cocktails.

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