Caravan Petite Sirah
Caravan Petite Sirah

Caravan Petite Sirah

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Volume: 750ML

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Caravan Petite Sirah is an incredibly rare and exotic red wine varietal that is only grown in a single vineyard in Napa Valley, California. The grapes for this varietal are hand-picked and carefully selected from a single, steep and trellised hillside plot. These grapes are cold soaked, fermented and then aged for 18 months in small French oak barrels. The result is a rich and full-bodied red wine that is truly one of a kind. Caravan Petite Sirah has an intense aromatics of dark cherry, plum, and violet with notes of leather, dark chocolate, and a hint of pipe tobacco. The palate is layered with flavors of cooked, ripe dark fruit, anise spice, and dried herbs. The acidity and tannins are balanced leading to a long and luxurious finish. This unique red wine is perfect for those special occasions. It is a great complement to heavy meats such as steaks and lamb, as well as flavorful vegetable dishes and savory cheese plates. Sip it on its own and you will be amazed by its complexity and depth. Caravan Petite Sirah is an incredibly rare and special wine that you won’t want to miss out on.

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