Carn Mor Mac-talla Mara - 700ml
Carn Mor Mac-talla Mara - 700ml

Carn Mor Mac-talla Mara - 700ml

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Volume: 700ML

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Carn Mor Mac-Talla Mara is a strong, smoky dram from The Mossburn distillery. The single malt is produced using a combination of traditional methods and modern techniques; the spirit is created using only homegrown malted barley. During maturation the spirit is left for a minimum of 10 years in peated Oloroso sherry casks. This provides the whisky with a unique intensely smoky character and a rich, sweet finish. The resulting whisky is an intensely smoky whisky with hints of sweet Sherry, dark chocolate, heather and honey. On the nose you get a deep peated aroma with notes of leather and nuts. The palate opens up with a sweet smokiness and a hint of toffee and raisins. The finish is long and clean, smoky and velvety with a lingering sweetness. Carn Mor Mac-Talla Mara makes an excellent choice if you are looking to enjoy a smoky whisky. Its complexity of flavours make the whisky a great choice for sipping neat or enjoying as part of a cocktail.

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