Carn Mor Mac-talla Terra - 700ml
Carn Mor Mac-talla Terra - 700ml

Carn Mor Mac-talla Terra - 700ml

CODE: 846382
Volume: 700ML

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The Carn Mor Mac-Talla Terra 700ml is an ultra-premium single-malt whiskey from Scotland. With a deep golden color at first sight, this whiskey exudes a full bouquet of aromas and flavors such as honey, toffee, raisins, and a hint of smoke. The palate is smooth and rich, yet not overwhelming, showcasing more sweet caramel and toffee notes in addition to a creamy texture that allows it to remain in the glass for a long time. The finish is smooth and long lasting with hints of oak and a wonderful balance of sweet and smoky notes. This high-quality whiskey is a great choice for those looking for a special and luxurious drinking experience. Whether sipping it neat or as a base for a refreshing summer cocktail, this single-malt whiskey will certainly satisfy your palate.

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