Category 12 - Sour
Category 12 - Sour

Category 12 - Sour

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Volume: 4*473ML

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Sour beer is a type of beer that isn’t made by a standard brewing process — instead, its flavor is derived from the presence of bacteria like lactobacillus or Brettanomyces. Because of these microbial additions, sour beers are generally considered to be more tart and tangy than the average beer. They range in styles from light, wheat-based Berliner Weisse to heavy, dark sour ales. Sour beer has become popular in recent years, with many craft brewers across the country focusing on making unique and exciting styles of the tart brews. Techniques for making sour beer have also evolved, with some brewers opting for barrel-aging in wine or spirits barrels, while others are experimenting with adding fruit to the mix. Those just starting out on the sour beer journey might consider trying an entry-level beer such as a Berliner Weisse. This wheat-based beer is a great way to get your feet wet and learn what you enjoy in a sour beer. Once you're familiar with the style, then you can move on to more complex sours such as Lambics and wild ales.

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