Chinese Vodka - Fen Chiew (30 Years) 500 Ml
Chinese Vodka - Fen Chiew (30 Years) 500 Ml

Chinese Vodka - Fen Chiew (30 Years) 500 Ml

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Volume: 500ML

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Fen Chiew, also known as Chinese lunar vodka, is an exclusive vodka spirit originating from Chinese history, made only from rice and aged for 30 years. It is one of the oldest and most renowned alcoholic beverages in China. The Fen Chiew 500ML bottle is the traditional form of celebration, representing the passage of time, a sense of age, and a variety of cultures. Fen Chiew is delicately produced with triple distilled pure grain alcohol and an exclusive blend of traditional Chinese herbs and spices. Distilled quickly to retain alcohol potency, the Fen Chiew 500ML bottle offers an intense and unique taste experience with a smooth finish. Its taste is smooth, yet intense and complex, and is perfect for sipping or simply having a delightful time with friends and family. The 500ML bottle of Fen Chiew is an ideal gift and a perfect accompaniment to any special occasions. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, the bottle of Fen Chiew will be sure to make your special day unforgettably romantic. It is also the perfect companion when exploring the adventurous flavors and culture of Chinese cuisine, making it a must-have when entertaining a dinner guest.

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