Chivas Mizunara
Chivas Mizunara

Chivas Mizunara

CODE: 817114
Volume: 700ML

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Chivas Mizunara is a new Limited Edition premium whisky from Chivas Regal that offers whisky lovers an exciting new taste. Inspired by traditional Japanese Whisky, Chivas Mizunara combines the unique taste of Scottish malt whisky with a subtle hint of Mizunara oak, a rare Japanese oak. Originally discovered growing in the northern regions of Japan, Mizunara oak is renowned for its unique aroma and rich flavour. To create Chivas Mizunara, Chivas’ master blenders have drawn on the distillery’s rich Scotch whisky-making technique and combined it with Mizunara oak for an exceptional new whisky. Designed to be savoured slowly, Chivas Mizunara has an incredibly smooth finish with bold notes of wood spice and sweet fruitiness. Aromas of sandalwood and vanilla fill the senses for a truly unique flavour experience. Chivas Mizunara makes a great addition to any whisky collection and is perfect for special occasions. Best served neat or on the rocks, Chivas Mizunara is a whisky to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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