Chiyomusubi Ultra Peach
Chiyomusubi Ultra Peach

Chiyomusubi Ultra Peach

CODE: 877418
Volume: 720mL

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Chiyomusubi Ultra Peach is an amazing whiskey-style spirit from Japan. It is made from top-grade white rice, special junmai fermentation methods, natural and artificial peaches, and a variety of other ingredients. It is matured for a minimum of three years, which gives it a complex flavor that can only be found when it is served chilled and neat. Characterized by a sweet and slightly acidic taste, this whiskey is a favorite among Japanese whiskey connoisseurs. It is also known as “the whiskey of kings” due to its high quality and price. Unlike some of the more traditional Japanese whiskeys, Chiyomusubi Ultra Peach does not require extensive blending, allowing it to maintain its unique flavor profile. This delicious whiskey can be enjoyed solo or paired with different foods and fruit.

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