Chum Churum Yogurt - Soju
Chum Churum Yogurt - Soju

Chum Churum Yogurt - Soju

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Volume: 360mL

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Chum Churum Yogurt Soju is a type of Korean alcoholic beverage made from a combination of natural yogurt and soju (distilled Korean grain alcohol). This unique and refreshing beverage is widely enjoyed by Koreans both for its taste and its comparative mildness compared to other soju-based drinks. The drink has a sweet, creamy taste that is lightly tangy and quite refreshing. It is typically served in shot glasses and is usually consumed in one gulp. Chum Churum Yogurt Soju is more popularly known as Yakult Soju, named after the popular Yakult probiotic yogurt beverage. The combination of soju and yogurt has become immensely popular in recent years and many other companies have looked to capitalize on this trend. Chum Churum has cornered the market, however, creating a unique product that has firmly secured itself as a staple of the Korean drinking culture. Chum Churum Yogurt Soju is widely available both online and in stores across South Korea and other parts of the world. It is typically sold in bottles of miniatures or in larger bottles that can be taken home.

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