Ciroc Apple
Ciroc Apple

Ciroc Apple

CODE: 783939
Volume: 750ML

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CÎROC Apple is one of the newest flavors of CÎROC vodka, an ultra premium-style vodka made from French grapes. It is a rich blend of original CÎROC vodka and green apple flavored vodka - distilled five times from Ugni Blanc grapes for a distinctly smooth and crisp taste, with a hint of the sweetness and tartness of apples. The flavor of CÎROC Apple is a great balance between the sweet taste of fresh apples and the crispness of vodka. It is a perfect addition to your favorite cocktails, bringing a unique and refreshing twist. On the rocks, in a martini or with your favorite mixer, CÎROC Apple is sure to give you a sublime experience. CÎROC Vodka has long been known for its smoothness and subtlety, and CÎROC Apple is no exception. The unique blend of flavors makes it a great option for a variety of cocktails and drinks. Whether you're looking for something to sip on a hot summer day or to add a touch of sweetness to your favorite vodka-based cocktail, CÎROC Apple is sure to hit the spot.

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