Ciroc Mango
Ciroc Mango

Ciroc Mango

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Volume: 750ML

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Ciroc Mango is a premium vodka distiller from France that has become well-known for its distinctive mango flavor. The spirit has a light, sweet, and fruity aroma with a sweet linger. The flavor is noticeably from mango, yet it's not overly intense and is complemented by a smooth and creamy texture. Ciroc Mango is made from two distinctive batches of spirit, each of which is infused with real mangos to add a unique flavor to the vodka. Starting with a base of high-grade French grapes, this vodka is crafted in five steps. Firstly, the grapes are distilled five times using a cold-fermentation process. This preserves the natural aromas and flavors associated with the fruit. Secondly, the vodka is filtered through a bespoke mesh for added clarity and smoothness before it is redistilled in copper pot-stills. Lastly, the spirit is rested and infused with all-natural mangos. This process creates a vodka that is sweet, smooth and rich, with a rounded taste that lingers on the palate.

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