Ciroc Pineapple
Ciroc Pineapple

Ciroc Pineapple

CODE: 778983
Volume: 750ML

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CIROC Pineapple is a premium vodka made from all-natural ingredients and made with quality French grapes. The spirit is distilled five times and infused with real pineapple essence for a subtly sweet and tropical flavor. CIROC Pineapple is an exceptionally smooth vodka with a juicy and aromatic character that delivers an alluring, round finish. Perfect in a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails, this exquisite spirit is sure to elevate any occasion. CIROC Pineapple can be enjoyed chilled on the rocks, with a splash of soda, or paired with a variety of juices and liqueurs to create a delicious tropical-inspired cocktail. With its unmistakable and refreshing flavor, this fantastic vodka is perfect for toasting special occasions.

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