Clarendon 2007
Clarendon 2007

Clarendon 2007

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Volume: 700ML

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Clarendon 2007 Spirit Rum is a legendary spirit made on the exotic Caribbean island of Jamaica. This premium spirit is made using a combination of traditional pot still and modern distillation techniques. It is a blend of the best rums from Jamaica's rarest distilleries, including Clarendon, Worthy Park and Appleton. It is aged for a minimum of 7 years in American oak barrels, and an extended amount of time before being bottled in the distinctive shaped flagon corked bottles. Upon opening, the aroma of Clarendon 2007 Spirit Rum is aromatic and inviting. Dark caramel, toasted oak, cinnamon, and molasses notes blossom from the glass. On the palate, creamy butterscotch sweetness leads to spicy wood tannins. The rich, full body and spices linger long after the last sip. Ultimately, Clarendon 2007 Spirit Rum is a smooth, complex sipper that will take the rough edges off any night. Whether you’re out for the evening or pouring a drink for someone special, Clarendon 2007 Spirit Rum is the perfect companion. This premium rum is full-bodied and flavorful, and promises to give you an unforgettable night.

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