Coconut Cartel Guatemalan Dark Rum
Coconut Cartel Guatemalan Dark Rum

Coconut Cartel Guatemalan Dark Rum

CODE: 871155
Volume: 750ML

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Coconut Cartel Guatemalan Dark Rum is a truly unique and remarkable craft spirit. It is carefully crafted by legendary master distillers as a small batch, triple distilled craft rum made from cane sugar and local tropical spices like guava and bananas. The rum is full-bodied with notes of oak, vanilla, and spice. It is barrel-aged to perfection in both new and used whiskey barrels for a smooth and slightly sweet flavor profile. Coconut Cartel adds coconut water during the aging process to brighten the flavor and add a subtle tropical twist. The Guatemalan Dark Rum is a unique and highly flavorful spirit that is ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks. It has a delicate balance between floral, vanilla, and dark chocolate flavors and aromas, with a hint of smokiness and warmth on the finish. It can also be used in classic rum cocktails, such as a Cuban Daiquiri, a Mojito, or a Dark and Stormy.

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