Cognac Fins Bois 96
Cognac Fins Bois 96

Cognac Fins Bois 96

CODE: 852333
Volume: 700ML

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Cognac Fins Bois 96 is a Cognac produced in the Southwest region of France, made primarily from Ugni Blanc grapes. The aged cognac experiences a unique double-distillation process, with the result being a smooth, well-rounded spirit. The oak barrels used for aging are carefully selected for their quality and ability to give the cognac a rich, unique flavor. Fins Bois 96 has a pale brown color and a pleasant aroma, with flavors of spice, dried fruit, and a hint of nuts. On the palate, the cognac is smooth and mellow, with a slightly burnt flavor and a long finish. This high-quality spirit is perfect for sipping neat or in a cocktail.

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