Cognac Godet Gastronome Organic Xo
Cognac Godet Gastronome Organic Xo

Cognac Godet Gastronome Organic Xo

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Volume: 700ML

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Cognac Godet Gastronome Organic XO is a top-shelf, ultra-premium cognac made from organically grown grapes. It is one of the highest recommended cognacs due to its combination of quality and rare ingredients. The grapes are organically grown and harvested from the Etang de Berre area of Southwest France. This area is renowned for its ideal small-batch growing conditions which produce champagne and grape varieties used in small-batch cognac distillation. The grapes are distilled in the traditional pot-still method over a period of time to achieve the highest possible quality and flavors. The aging for this cognac is a minimum of 18 years in new and old oak barrels. The flavor profile is full-bodied and well rounded, with a nose of dried fruits, baking spices, caramel, and oak. The palate is smooth with floral and spicy notes, and a sweet finish. The aroma carries hints of vanilla, toffee, and nutmeg, which compliment the flavors in the palate. Cognac Godet Gastronome Organic XO is an ideal choice for someone who is looking for a smooth and rich experience in a bottle. It is an excellent choice for any special occasion or for sipping.

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