Cold Ones Strong Beer (cls)
Cold Ones Strong Beer (cls)

Cold Ones Strong Beer (cls)

CODE: 859219
Volume: 8*355mL

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Cold Ones Strong Beer (CLS) is a craft beer created by two beer enthusiasts in South Florida. It is the first beer of its kind to be brewed in the state, and it is considered to be a unique craft beer. CLS is brewed using the finest malts, hops, and yeast. It is a copper-colored lager that is full-bodied and robust. It has a strong malty aroma and a smooth finish with a hint of hops. CLS has an ABV of 8.4% which makes it a true strong beer, making it a bold flavor that stands out among other craft beers. As a craft beer, CLS is one of a kind. It pairs well with bar-b-que, pizza, and Italian food; and it can be enjoyed during a meal or enjoyed as a stand-alone craft beer. Since it is crafted with care and thought, it also makes a perfect gift for any beer enthusiast.

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