Compass Box Peat Monster - 750ml
Compass Box Peat Monster - 750ml

Compass Box Peat Monster - 750ml

CODE: 719792
Volume: 750ML

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Compass Box Peat Monster is a smoky, flavor-packed blend of Islay single malts. This unique whisky is a marriage of a smoky malt from the Isle of Arran with a lightly-peated malt from an Islay distillery and a rich, robust malt from the small village of Brora, located on Scotland's east coast. The blend of these three malts, together with a judicious helping of oak extract, gives the whisky its balance, complexity and intense peaty flavor. On the nose, the Peat Monster reveals aromas of baking spices, earthy peat smoke and a hint of citrus. The smell alone is enough to inspire visions of Scotland's infamous misty dark waters and ancient peat fires. On the palate, the whisky exhibits a pronounced smoky flavor along with a silky sweetness from the oak extract, balanced by an underlying sweetness. The finish is extremely long and smoldering, carrying the spice and smoke right through to the last sip. Compass Box Peat Monster is an intensely flavorful whisky that is sure to please any peat-lover’s palate. Whether enjoyed neat or even with peaty mixers, it's sure to impress.

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