Conciere Silver Rum
Conciere Silver Rum

Conciere Silver Rum

CODE: 833051
Volume: 1L

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Conciere Silver Rum is an artisanal spirit designed to be enjoyed neat or mixed into a variety of cocktails. Crafted in small batches in the Bahamas, this smooth and lightly sweetened spirit is made with premium sugar cane and aged in American Oak barrels for a minimum of one year, resulting in a refined golden color and a mellow palate of sea salt and caramel. It has a robust aroma of golden raisins, honey, and vanilla. The finish is slightly sweet and buttery, with notes of toasted coconut and pineapple. This premium rum is perfect for sipping neat or mixing into floral cocktails such as a daiquiri or mai tai. Serve it over ice with tonic or splash of lime to bring out its natural sweetness. Whether you’re relaxing poolside or hosting an outdoor gathering, Conciere Silver Rum is sure to delight.

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