Coors Light 24 Cans
Coors Light 24 Cans

Coors Light 24 Cans

CODE: 906644
Volume: 24*355ml

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Coors Light 24 Cans is the perfect product for anyone looking to stock up on a regular supply of this refreshing beer. This set feature 24 cans of the classic Coors Light beer each with a 5% ABV. This light-tasting lager is brewed with the finest barley malt, select cereal grains, and finest hops. The clean, crisp taste of Coors Light is perfect for those looking for a refreshing beer for any occasion. This pack makes it easier to share with friends and family, or to enjoy a night of relaxation. With a light, sugar-free taste, Coors Light 24 Cans is a perfect addition to any day or evening.

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