Coors Original 15 Cans
Coors Original 15 Cans

Coors Original 15 Cans

CODE: 829354
Volume: 15*355mL

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Coors Original 15 Cans is a limited-edition pack of Coors beer that was released to commemorate the brewery's 15th anniversary. This 15-can pack features five different beers, one from each of the five different Coors styles: Original, Extra Gold, Silver, Light, and Rancho Grande. This unique collection offers drinkers a great way to experience the full range of flavor and beverage style that Coors has to offer in one convenient package. Each beer in the Coors Original 15 Cans pack comes in 12-ounce cans and is made with the same high-grade ingredients that Coors uses in the production of its beers. The famous original lager is slightly sweet and is the perfect beer for relaxing with friends or for an evening barbecue. Extra Gold and Silver are both easy-drinking lagers that are characteristically smooth and light. Light is the lightest of the bunch and offers a lower calorie alternative for discerning drinkers who prefer a lighter beer. The final beer, Rancho Grande, is a unique blend of Latin flavors and American hops that offer a great balance of citrus hop flavors and light sweetness.

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