Copeland Overproof Rum
Copeland Overproof Rum

Copeland Overproof Rum

CODE: 885089
Volume: 750ML

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Copeland Overproof Rum is an American distilled, Caribbean-style, high-proof spirit. It is barrel-aged for a minimum of three years and is sourced from the Caribbean Islands, where it is distilled and blended. This rum is incredibly potent, with an ABV of 75.5%. Due to its strength, this rum is often used in cocktails and mixed drinks, as it can easily be diluted down. The aroma is of butterscotch, oak, and brown sugar, with a hint of banana and spice. On the palate, it is quite strong with notes of molasses, honey, and dried fruit, along with a searing alcohol sensation. The finish is mellow, with an underlying sweetness that lingers. If you’re looking for a spirit that packs a punch, then Copeland Overproof Rum is the perfect potion. Its complex flavor profile and high ABV make it suitable for a variety of cocktails, and its delicious taste makes it a great sipping rum.

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