Copeland Smuggler's Rum
Copeland Smuggler's Rum

Copeland Smuggler's Rum

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Volume: 750ML

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Copeland Smuggler's Rum is a premium Caribbean rum that is bottled in Barbados. It is produced by Copeland Distillery, and bottles of this “Liquid Gold” are aged seven to twelve years in American Oak Bourbon Barrels. The rum has an intense, comforting aroma that combines vanilla, almond, and oak flavors along with a hint of molasses. On the palate, smoky, woody flavors give way to sweet mango and passion fruit notes, and this complex flavor lingers throughout the finish. Copeland Smuggler's Rum is best enjoyed in classic and contemporary cocktails. It adds an extra level of flavor to favorites like the Daiquiri and Mojito, but can also be used to craft your own unique drinks. As a rum that blends the origins of the Caribbean and the craftsmanship of a master distiller, Copeland Smuggler's Rum is a worthy treat to be savored.

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