Copper Moon Chardonnay
Copper Moon Chardonnay

Copper Moon Chardonnay

CODE: 731009
Volume: 750ML

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The Copper Moon Chardonnay is an exquisite white wine from the Chalk Hill region of California. This Chardonnay offers a delightful nose of ripe peaches and fresh cream, a creamy, full-bodied taste, and a smooth finish. The wine is aged for 12 months on the lees in French oak barrels, giving it a toasty aroma and hint of vanilla. It has a light golden-yellow hue with brilliant clarity in the glass. The inviting aromas offer up a rich blend of ripe pear, ripe melon, and hint of nut, vanilla, and toast. On the palate, the wine is round and luscious with ripe tropical fruits, roasted hazelnuts, and creamy oak notes. The long finish is crisp and elegant, with a touch of citrusy acidity and just hint of sweetness. The Copper Moon Chardonnay is well suited for a variety of meals. It pairs nicely with poultry, seafood, and a range of vegetable dishes. Its robust character also pairs well with slightly richer foods, such as veal or pork-based dishes. It also stands up to heavier cheeses like gorgonzola.

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