Copper Moon Merlot
Copper Moon Merlot

Copper Moon Merlot

CODE: 199927
Volume: 750ML

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The Copper Moon Merlot is a beloved red wine from the Copper Moon Winery in California. This well-balanced, full-bodied Merlot has been a top seller in the California wine market for many years. Its deep ruby color and complex flavor make it a favorite among wine connoisseurs. The Copper Moon Merlot is made with grapes grown in Argentina's Mendoza Valley, where the climate has proven to be perfect for producing outstanding red wines. The wine displays aromas of ripe blackberries and hints of sweet oak and toasty coffee notes. On the palate, the full-bodied Merlot offers flavors of dark cherry, plum, cocoa, and a hint of earthiness. It has a smooth, velvety finish, making it easy to drink and enjoy. This classic Merlot pairs deliciously with grilled steak, roasted duck, fresh seafood, aged cheeses, and roasted vegetables. Its structure makes it versatile enough to drink on its own or with food. With each sip, you are sure to experience why this wine has become an enduring classic in the Copper Moon portfolio.

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