Corona Extra Bottles 28*330ml
Corona Extra Bottles 28*330ml

Corona Extra Bottles 28*330ml

CODE: 837645
Volume: 28x330mL

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Corona 28 Bottles is a beer company based in Mexico. It is part of Grupo Modelo, which is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Corona 28 Bottles is known for their aromatic brews, which come in a variety of styles, from pale lager to dark lagers. They also produce a wide range of flavors, such as lime, mango, and lemon. Their beers are popularly enjoyed around the world, and many beer festivals have featured some of their brews. Their marketing campaigns focus on appealing to young people, and their current branding is based on the slogan "Enjoy the sunset, with Corona 28". The brand is known for its superior quality, and they are known for experimenting with ingredients and recipes to create new and flavorful brews. They also sponsor music festivals and events in many countries, creating greater consumer awareness of their products.

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