Corona Tropical Grpfrt & Lemgrss
Corona Tropical Grpfrt & Lemgrss

Corona Tropical Grpfrt & Lemgrss

CODE: 867309
Volume: 6*355ml

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Corona Tropical Grpfrt & Lemgrss is a refreshing blend of ingredients that make it the perfect summer refreshment. Ideal for cooling down on a hot day, this flavorful mix has just the right balance of sweetness and zest. It starts with a base of premium corona beer, mixed with real lime, grapefruit, and ginger puree for a unique and balanced tartness. To that, a healthy amount of agave nectar adds sweetness and depth of flavor. Lastly, a dash of lime juice for a delicious finish and a hint of lemon grass for a hint of herbal sweetness. This combination creates a light, tropical flavor that will leave you wanting more. With all of the flavors that make it up, it’s the perfect addition to your summer menus, whether it’s for a cool off during an outdoor party or a night spent lounging in the pool. Enjoy a Corona Tropical Grpfrt & Lemgrss and let your worries fade away.

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