Corralejo Blanco
Corralejo Blanco

Corralejo Blanco

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Volume: 750ML

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Corralejo Blanco is a white tequila produced in Mexico's state of Nayarit. Founded in the 1970s, it is one of Mexico's oldest tequila producers and is especially popular in the United States. Produced from 100% blue agave sugars, Corralejo Blanco is a unaged tequila that carries an earthy, herbal flavor. It has a subtle sweetness brought by the agave and the smooth finish compliments it nicely. The nose of Corralejo Blanco carries light aromas of earth, grass, agave, and a hint of citrus. On the palate, it is robust and full-bodied with a smooth texture and sharp peppery finish that lingers on the tongue. The flavor of the tequila has a hint of sweetness, agave notes, and a light spiciness. Corralejo Blanco makes a great base for a variety of classic cocktails and its notes of agave and earth make it suitable for mixing and sipping. It goes especially well with lime juice and salt for a traditional Margarita cocktail, or as a base for cocktails such as the classic Paloma. It goes great in sangrias or mixed with a variety of juices

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