Corsairs White Rum 1.14l Glassd
Corsairs White Rum 1.14l Glassd

Corsairs White Rum 1.14l Glassd

CODE: 814002
Volume: 1.14L

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Corsair White Rum 1.14L Glass Decanter is an innovative glass decanter from the Coral Sea Rum Company that is ideal for enjoying your favorite rum drinks. It features a unique shape with a lid that slips easily off to reveal the refreshingly smooth white rum. The cylindrical shape of the decanter allows for best use of the square bottle mouth, giving it a unique, contemporary design. This decanter is made from borosilicate glass and is durable and break-resistant, making it perfect for use at home or even in a bar setting. The smooth taste of white rum is complemented by the glass decanter's clear, diamond-cut lid. The lid helps to maintain the natural, crisp flavour and aroma of the rum and can be easily removed without any mess or spills. The ceramic stopper conveniently seals the bottle tight enough that the contents can be securely stored for later consumption.

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