Crown Royal Pet
Crown Royal Pet

Crown Royal Pet

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Volume: 200ML

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Crown Royal PET is a premium Canadian whiskey that is perfect for sharing with friends or savoring alone. This whiskey is produced by the iconic brand, Crown Royal, in Gimli, Manitoba, and it is then shipped to distilleries in the United States for bottling. Crown Royal PET stands for Premium Extra Taste, and it truly lives up to its name. This whiskey has a distinctive smooth flavor that is enhanced by a rich, robust full-bodied taste. The character of this whiskey is unique and distinct, and it pairs perfectly with a variety of different blends of other spirits. This whiskey is a blend of over 50 Canadian-made spirits and is made from a combination of corn, rye and barley malts. The balance of the 50-plus spirits is achieved through the careful selection of each individual component. The result is a complex, mellow blend that features notes of toffee, honey, vanilla, rye, spices and cinnamon. This whiskey can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or even in a variety of cocktails.

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